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In accordance with the Personal Data Act and

EU Privacy Policy 2016/679

Your privacy is important for HR Project AS (HRP). As a company, we are committed to protecting personal information, accessibility, confidentiality and integrity.

HR Project AS The processing of personal data shall at all times comply with the applicable privacy and European privacy regulations.

This Privacy Statement provides additional information about what personal information is collected, how the information is collected and what rights you as a customer, supplier or who contact through our communication channels have when your personal information is registered with HR Prosjekt AS.

18th Oct. 2018


Privacy Statement for HR Project AS

1.1       Treatment Responsible

Managing Director of HR Prosjekt AS is the main responsibility for the processing of personal data by HR Prosjekt AS. Responsibility for the daily follow-up of our compliance with the privacy policy is delegated to the Corporate Governance Manager.This privacy statement applies to HR Project AS (Org nr: 988 889 245)

1.2       Our processing of personal data

HR Prosjekt AS processes various personal information in relation to customer and supplier relationships. Below is an overview of our processing of personal information related to customers and suppliers. HR Prosjekt AS has established its own privacy statement for its employees.

1.3       Purpose of treatment

HR Prosjekt AS processes personal information about contacts with our customers and suppliers in connection with the delivery of goods and services, as well as information about those who contact through our communication channels.We use information we store about you for the following purposes:·       Deliver products and services: We process personal information to purchase and deliver products and services to our suppliers and customers. Your information is used in connection with:o To undertake delivery of products and services you order from uso delivery of content when you request it. For example, by phone, email and other interaction channels.o  Identification of suppliers and customerso  billing and payment follow-upo error correction, customer service, complaint handling and control measureso Sales and Marketing: We use both anonymous data and personal information for marketing purposes. These activities include marketing, including:o To create audiences for marketingo Sending newsletters and other forms of direct marketing.o Market analyzes, customer satisfaction surveys and the like

  • Information security and abuse of services: We will be able to process personal data to ensure good security in our digital channels. We will also be able to process personal information to detect or prevent various types of abuse
  • Compliance with statutory provisions: We process personal information to fulfill our statutory duties, eg. in connection with accounting and to provide information for competent authority when this is imposed on us in accordance with Norwegian law
  • Other Purposes You Have Approved: We will be able to process your personal information for any other purpose that you specifically consented to

1.4       Treatment foundation

In order to process personal information about contact persons with our customers and suppliers in order to provide products and services, the treatment project HR Project is its legitimate interest in managing and maintaining our customer or supplier relationship, see GDPR Article 6 letter f. We also treat personal data based on consent , see GDPR Article 6 letter a. When processing is based on your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time upon written request.

2        Our methods of collecting personal information

The information we collect about you depends on which communication channels you use, as well as what information you provide for purchase, registration or in other relevant contexts. We collect personal information like:

  • For example, when you act as a contact in customer / supplier relationship or register for our services, subscribe to our newsletter, or fill out a form, or contact us by phone, email, attendance at our offices or the like.
  • recorded using different communication channels.

You are not required to provide personal information to us, but if you choose to leave, we may not be able to provide you with our services because, for example, we can not bill for services or send you information that you or your business need.

We have different pages in social media. When you visit our pages like Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram, the current social media will process your personal information and use cookies.

In some cases, social media may use this information about you to show you targeted ads.

3        Personal information we handle

Vi behandler personopplysninger innen følgende kategorier:

·       About contacts with our customers and suppliers:

  • Basic information, such as name, employer, job title and contact details
  • Customer information, such as order information, payment information, and customer support contact. o Information related to the registration and identification of a user in a customer or supplier relationship.
  • Any other information stored on the basis of your consent or as a result of a customer / supplier relationship. In this case, you will receive specific information about what information we store and what they are used for when we request your consent.
  • About you who contact us through our communication channels Information obtained from third party cookies and similar technology, including statistics on the use of our pages in social media.

Any information you submit to us through social media or recruitment partners. Our solutions are exclusively meant for customers and suppliers. Information is not directed to mother children under 13 years. Nor do we store conscious information about children under 13 years. If you believe we have stored information about children under 13, we can be contacted so we can investigate and possibly delete such information.

4        Navigation information

4.1       Cookies

We do not use cookies (cookies) or similar technologies in our digital channels. However, our websites contain links to third-party websites, products and services, including social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram's social add-ons, and these third-party websites may use cookies. Third party services or third party applications available on our websites are subject to third party privacy statement. You can familiarize yourself with these third party privacy practices. See section 3. By using our digital channels with a browser where settings allow you to store cookies on your device, you agree to placing cookies from third-party websites.

4.2       Log Files

We do not collect or use information about your device's specifications, software, and your visit to our website. However, when using Third Party Services or third party applications available on our websites, such information may be obtained from third party vendors. This information may include your IP address, type of browser, domain name, internet service provider, files viewed (HTML pages, graphics, etc.), operating system, access time, and from where you arrived at our digital channels. By using digital channels from HR Project AS with a browser where the settings allow to retrieve this type of information from the device, you agree to the use of third party data collection.

4.3       Web hosting av file sharing areas

We use third-party companies to share data online. These companies use cookies and tracking pixels to collect information about your activities on these pages. In addition, such third party slots have stored user information to give you access to data areas. If you no longer wish to be a registered user, you can unsubscribe directly from the site.


4.4       Recruitment

We use third-party companies when we recruit online. We also use the agency to perform recruitment on behalf of HR Prosjekt AS. is used for job advertisements. You can read more about privacy statement using FINN here. Recruitment partner uses tools to register CV. When purchasing services from the agency, personal information about candidates and employees is processed. Such data is personnel, education, competence, evaluations and relatives. The employment agencies use different recruitment tools and cookies to collect information about your activities in connection with recruitment. By using recruitment tools, you will explicitly accept information retrieval. Recruitment Tool Suppliers will automatically delete information registered about you if you do not wish to continue this information. You can delete your own user and data from such recruitment tools at any time.

4.5       Adversiting

We use third party companies when we advertise online. These companies use cookies and tracking pixels to collect information about your activities to offer you targeted advertising based on your interests. If you no longer wish to receive such information for the purpose of giving you targeted ads, you can unsubscribe from the site

 Your Online Choices.

4.6       Supplier information

HR Prosjekt AS also processes personal information about our suppliers in connection with the purchase of goods and services. The information can also be used in special cases in connection with control measures.Personal data processed in this regard include contact information for persons at our suppliers, including basic information such as name, employer, job title and contact details.

5        Storage period for personal data

No personal data will be stored longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing or statutory duties we are subject to.Personal information is stored as long as you have an active relationship with us or our digital channels, or until you ask us to forget about you and delete stored information about you.Our definition of a relationship with us or our digital channels is to:·       Be a customer or supplier of us·       Have agreed to receive marketing information from us·       actively asked for contact with us via, recruitment tools, phone, email, messages, electronic forms or social media·       Use third party digital channels after you have given your consent to third party vendors. The relationship is defined as active if it has been exercised during the last 24 months. Retention of information in relation to legislation that complies with the statutory guidelines for storage and filing, as well as anonymous information will not be subject to such limitations or requirements. HR Project is working to ensure that personal information and other customer information is updated and correct and that we do not store information that is unnecessary in relation to the purposes of processing personal data. HR Project will delete personal information about you if you ask us unless we have a legal basis or a statutory duty to keep personal information. 

6        Access to your personal information for others

In project context, personal data will be exchanged between subcontractors, third party suppliers and customers. Data Processors who work as subcontractors for us and process your information on our behalf. Such subcontractors may not use personal information for any purpose other than providing the service agreed with us. We take special precautions to make sure that the subcontractors act in accordance with these terms and Norwegian privacy laws, and especially where the data processor is located in a country outside of Norway or the EU / EEA area. HR Prosjekt AS may disclose personal information to the following third parties:·       Recruitment Partners·       Other parties with your consent HR Project may also disclose information to third parties:·       In statutory cases, for example by order from the courts, the police or other public authorities, according to strict predefined processes·       In connection with business transfer, eg. as part of a merger, acquisition, sale of our assets or transfer of services to another company. You will be notified directly of any changes in ownership, use of your personal information and choices you may have regarding your personal information


7        Protection of your informations

HR Project AS prioritizes the protection of your personal information highly. We work continuously to protect personal information and other confidential information. Security work includes both physical, technical and administrative measures, including protection of personnel, information, IT infrastructure, internal and public networks, as well as office buildings and technical facilities. The security work also means that we regularly conduct risk assessments, subcontract audits, and undergo various factors such as available technology, business needs and legal requirements. This will ensure that we have adequate security measures at all times so that we can prevent personal data from being compromised.

8        Rights

Within the limits laid down in the Personal Information Act and other legislation, you are entitled to:·       Know what information we have registered about you·       Request correction and deletion of personal data and restrictions in the processing of personal data, or protest against the processing of personal data.·       withdraw or limit any consent to process personal information that you have provided. This may cause us to no longer deliver some of our services to you HR Prosjekt AS does not have its own privacy representative. Any questions, objections or requests for access to information that is registered about you can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you believe that we treat personal information in violation of the law, you can file a complaint with the Data Inspectorate. Changes to this Privacy Statement will be published on our website.